$99.95 Teeth Whitening Kit for $39.95

$99.95 Teeth Whitening Kit for $39.95
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$99.95 kit for $39.95

Cancel Anytime Within 30 Days

2 Syringes each month for $19.95 for 3 months

Professional Teeth Whitening is so confident that you will be ecstatic with the results of your white teeth that we will ship you a $100 teeth whitening kit for only $39.95.  We are even more confident that you will appreciate the value of your new white smile that we will let you cancel your order for whatever reason within the first 30 days.  With the trial kit, you will be shipped 2 teeth whitener syringes each month for 3 months.  Start today seeing how white your teeth can become by using the identical teeth whitening system and whitener your dentist sells for 1/3 the cost and even better today for only $39.95.

-To return the product, simply mail back the kit or the mouthpieces and the unsused syringes within the first 30 days.

1 month Whitening Kit+2 Syringes $39.95
2 month 2 Syringes $19.95
3 month 2 Syringes $19.95
4 month 2 Syringes $19.95
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Price $99.95
Sale Price $39.95